• Retail

    Century Payments offers industry-leading payments processing solutions, products and services to drive revenue, increase your bottom line, and stay competitive in the marketplace.

    Credit and Debit Card Processing

    POS PIN Debit Cards Processing

    Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT)

    ACH Processing

    Gift Cards

    Loyalty Cards

    Mail Order/Telephone Order

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  • Restaurants

    Century Payments understands the challenges of operating restaurants. That’s why we deliver a comprehensive suite of solutions to make your job easier.

    Credit card processing

    Loyalty programs

    Gift card programs

    Terminals and POS

    Hospitality management interfaces

    Support for terminal integration


    Bundled Solutions

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  • Mobile

    Mobile payment processing is right at your fingertips. With Century Payments best-in-class solutions, you can turn your iPhone, iPad, or Android into a virtual terminal complete with the features of a traditional credit card terminal.

    Perform sales and refunds with quick, easy-to-use and flexible transaction management functions

    User-friendly online reporting allows you to keep tabs on your transaction history in real-time

    Editable tax rates allow for sales from multiple locales or jurisdictions

    Collect tips easier than ever with the quick tip feature

    Verify transactions with on-screen signature capture

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In this electronic age of credit cards, PINs, and growing online shoppers, it’s no surprise that the global payment processing industry is powering business to succeed. What is surprising is the number of merchants who remain apprehensive about selecting a processing solution or provider. It’s our goal to change that one customer at a time.

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The way we see it, a business partnership is built on trust. To ensure a successful, long-term relationship, it’s critical those involved share mutually beneficial goals. So let us make our primary goal clear right now: We want to be the best – and make you look your best, too.

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Work with Us

At Century Payments, our people are the difference. See why, and how, we deliver the most progressive, automated payment processing technology in the industry. Through innovation and determination, our future has never been brighter.

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